One bundle, two outfits

This past weekend I decided to cut into a bundle that I recently bought from Knitpop!

I’m addicted to leggings right now (isn’t everyone?!) so of course I had to turn the gorgeous, buttery soft double brushed polyester lycra paisley into Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates.  Because my c-section 7 months ago destroyed my mid-section, and because the scar from said c-section is STILL tender, I opted to double the height of the waistband.  It is SO comfortable!  For the top, I decided to make a Mama Joy Peplum from Made for Mermaids.  The box pleats look intimidating at first, but the tutorial teaches a super easy way to do them.  I find them much more cooperative than gathers, and I want to add pleats to ALL THE CLOTHES now.  I typically don’t wear peplums, but this on
e is quite flattering.  I made it out of the very soft, stretchy, and lovely Cotton Lycra that came in the bundle.  It feels like wearing a comfy t-shirt, except nicer.


The baby is still small enough that I can make clothes for her out of scraps, so OF COURSE that’s what I had to do.  I love the simplicity of one piece jumpsuit on a babe, especially once they become mobile like my daughter.  Therefore, I decided to try the Harem Coverall pattern from Brindille and Twig.  Don’t let the fact that there are no crotch snaps scare you.  The neckband is super stretchy and you put the whole thing on just like a pair of pants.  Yes, I basically undress her to change her diaper, but it’s so simple that I actually prefer this to having to snap up a onesie or romper.  I can also see this becoming quite handy once baby girl starts wanting to try to take off her own diaper. 😉 For the record, she was quite a happy girl while wearing this last Sunday afternoon/evening.  I think she liked the softness of the double brushed poly!


Here is baby girl in her pretty new jumpsuit:



*Neither Knitpop, Patterns for Pirates, Made for Mermaids, nor Brindille and Twig have paid me or solicited my opinion. I bought the fabric/patterns on my own, and my reaction is my own*

*If you would like me to make anything pictured (or something else) for you, please see my Facebook group, Hazel and Blue Handmade, for more info.




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