Let’s talk about pants!

I’m back after a little hiatus due to illness!  First, I got what I’m pretty sure was the flu (apparently the shot wasn’t as effective this year). Then, just as I was pulling myself back together after nearly a week of fever, muscle aches, and chills, ALL of the trees bloomed and tried to suffocate me with their pollen.  Go figure.  Anyways, I’m finally starting to feel a little better and am ready to start catching y’all up on all the sewing I’ve been doing.

First, we need to talk about me and pants for a second.  It’s a complicated relationship.  You see, I’m short (5’2″).  But I also have hips.  Hips that were made bigger by carrying and birthing two babies.  In addition, the second of those babies was born via emergency c-section 8 months ago and that darn incision is STILL tender – making pants even more my enemy than they had been.

So I’ve been on a quest for pants that do not look like old-lady trousers, but that have a stretchy waistband for my incision, are cut for a short person, but have plenty of room in the hips/booty.  So basically impossible in ready-to-wear land.  Enter Patterns for Pirates SOS Knit Pants!

I was a little intimidated at the idea of making pants, but I decided to give it a go with some fun Liverpool I had bought on a whim.  The instructions were very easy.  The “SOS” stands for “straight or skinny,” and I decided to make the skinny version as that’s the most flattering on me.  They fit great and are extremely comfortable- the only thing I will change next time is to make the waistband a teeny bit smaller.

Please excuse the super unflattering picture of me with mom hair — I have an 8 month old, remember?


Do you know me in real life and want me to make you some great fitting pants?  Go to my Facebook group to get in touch!

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