Sweet vintage outfit for baby

I don’t know if this happens to everyone else when they have a girl, but as soon as I knew that baby #2 was a “she”, I started obsessively making clothes for her.  (Before you feel bad for my son, I made a zillion stuff animals for him when he was a baby, and I also make clothes for him.  And he was an only child for 5 years.  He’s fine, trust me).  When I saw this set from Violette Field Threads, I just had to make it for her!

Wovens are not my strong suit, but I found the instructions easy to follow and did not have too much trouble putting it together.  (I was even feverish with the flu at the time.) I found these fabrics at JoAnn’s, and probably paid too much for them, but I love this combination of prints and colors.  Everything about this outfit is so cute! I especially LOVE the pintucks on the pinafore.   I also love that the pinafore pattern also came with bloomers, so I can leave off the dress when the weather turns hot (around early to mid May here in the mid-South).  I think baby girl knows how pretty she looks in it.


If she didn’t already have an Easter dress, she would be wearing this!  As it is, I think this outfit will be making lots of appearances at church this spring/summer!

Here’s another picture of my model, just for fun.


If you’re interested in a vintage style dress for your little, contact me through Facebook

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