New Home! 


I just got done taking a short hiatus in order to pack and move into our new house of our dreams! My one requirement for the new house was that it have a dedicated sewing/craft space for me. Since we hardly we ever used our formal dining room in our old house (indeed, my sewing stuff had taken it over by the time we moved), we chose to create a studio in place of the formal dining room in the new house.  I finally have it all set up and it’s fantastic.  It’s exactly the right size! I don’t have it decorated yet, but that will come in time. 

For my first project in the new house, I decided to make the black jumpsuit that my dear friend Dolly of has been after for a while.  Dolly was my college suite mate and has been one one my closest friends for at least a dozen years.  Every time she is in town, she also ends up taking pictures of my family (yay Twelve 16 Photography)! In return for my daughter’s first birthday picture I promised her this jumpsuit, made with solid black double brushed poly spandex from Purpleseamstress Fabric

I chose the Megan Romper pattern from Made for Mermaids. I LOVE this pattern.  The garment it creates is SO elegant and comfortable! It feels like you’re wearing pajamas, but you look put together enough for work, church, or anything else! I made one for myself a few months ago out of Venice floral double brushed poly spandex from Vinegar and Honey Company (alas, its no longer available, but they have lots of other fabulous prints).  I wear it all the time! I hope you like your new jumpsuit Dolly! 

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get stuff when you use the link to make a purchase.  Thanks for contributing to my sewing habit! 

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