July WeeBox Pajamas!

In addition to my BeeBox subscription from  Vinegar and Honey Co, I also receive their WeeBee Box! The WeeBee Box, like the BeeBox, includes fabric (one yard of a premium children’s textile) and a pattern suggestion.  The WeeBee Box also contains some sort of embellishment – an accent fabric, trim, buttons, etc. You can get a boy box, a girl box, doubles of each, or a double boy and girl box.  Since I have son and a daughter, I get the last one.  It’s a great way to get sewing inspiration for the kiddos, especially my son as the sewing world tends to neglect boys a little. 

July’s box included these fun teal desert/Egypt themed prints in cotton interlock.  Interlock was the first knit fabric I ever sewed, and I still enjoy how well it “behaves.” The only drawback is that the lack of spandex limits the stretch and recovery, which eliminates some pattern options.  On the other hand, it makes for EXCELLENT pajamas. (This is where I point out that the CPSC has a whole bunch of rules regarding children’s sleepwear and flammability.  I only make pjs for my own kids, and that’s it.)

For baby girl, I used the peacocks as her main fabric and the camels as the accent.  I opted to modify the footie Coverall pattern from Brindille and Twig. Instead of making the covered feet (I don’t want her slipping on our wood floor), I made cuffs instead. I can always put socks on her if it gets cold. 

For my buddy I made pajama pants using the free Movie Night Pjs pattern from Sew A Little Seam with the camels as the main and the peacocks as the accent. He’s getting big enough now that a yard really isn’t enough to make both pants and a shirt, so we paired them with just a plain white ready to wear undershirt.  He would prefer that to a pajama shirt these days anyway.  He loves the comfort of the pants, and that he matches baby sister!!

As a side note, we took these pictures right before baby girl went to bed, and she was NOT thrilled with the idea.  I give you the outtakes:

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