Thanksgiving WeeBee & BeeBox

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  This past week, we went to my in-laws house about 2 1/2 hours away.  Our Thanksgivings are always wonderful, low key days of hanging around the house and eating.  But, even though there is no need to dress up, I still like putting the kids in special outfits whenever there’s a holiday.  This year’s October WeeBox from Vinegar and Honey Company was perfect for the occasion!


Vinegar and Honey Company started something new with their October fabric subscriptions – now the BeeBox and the WeeBox each contain their own custom prints!  This WeeBox consisted of an adorable forest monster print (yellow for boys, blue for girls) and a coordinated sweater knit print (light blue for boys, purple for girls), both on buttery soft double brush polyester spandex.  SO CUTE.  In addition, they included a “Thankful Little Monster” vinyl iron on from Thread & Grain for each!

I let my son pick the pattern he wanted for his shirt.  Like almost every other time I’ve let him pick lately, he chose the long sleeve, cuffed version of the Neverland Tee from Stitch Upon a Time, without the front color blocking.  I think he looks pretty handsome…and I love how exited he gets about Mama-made clothes!

For my daughter I decided I wanted to do a simple A-line dress and leggings.  I chose the A-Line Raglan dress from Brindille & Twig.  I love how the double brushed poly makes it soft and drapey while still holding an A-Line shape.  I used the Bonny Leggings pattern from Made For Mermaids for the leggings (the pattern is free if you join their Facebook group).  I was nervous about how they would fit over her bulky cloth diaper, and even made the yoga waistband version to give us more room, but it turns out they were fine and I probably could have used the regular waistband!


Finally – Mama needed something new to wear for Thanksgiving too!  The Beebox this month contained 2 yards of this beautiful autumnal floral on a raisin-brown background.  After considering a few ideas, I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with another pair of basic leggings.  I used the recently updated free Peg Leg pattern from Patterns for Pirates along with the contoured waistband from the add on pack (also free)!  I love the way the contoured waistband sits higher on my waist.  A girl can’t have too many pairs of leggings, right?

With this new direction for their fabric subscription, I can’t wait to see what Vinegar and Honey Co do next!

(This post contains affiliate lengths.  Thanks for helping my sewing habit!)



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