Party like its…1998?

Happy 2018!   I hope this new year is full of blessing for all of you!  One of my goals this year is to be much more consistent in my sewing AND my blogging!  I’m off to a good start…finishing and blogging about my Vinegar & Honey Co.  BeeBox before it’s time for the next months to come out!

To recap: The BeeBox is an awesome monthly fabric subscription.  They send you two yards of a mystery fabric along with care information and pattern ideas (and a discount code for the pattern designer).  December’s BeeBox jumped in on the crushed velvet trend that has inexplicably taken over the women’s sewing world with this lovely berry colored fabric.


Don’t get me wrong, I think crushed velvet is beautiful.  I also hadn’t worn it since about 1998.  I don’t get the whole “90s coming back” thing because I AM TOO YOUNG FOR THE CLOTHES OF MY YOUTH TO BE COMING BACK!

Once I’ve gotten over that, I do have to admit that this fabric makes you feel so comfortable AND fancy when you wear it.  I understand why it came into style in the first place.  It IS very tricky to sew though as it tends to slip all over itself. If you decide to try to sew it, I would recommend going SLOW and pinning scrupulously.

I decided to make a Mama Isabel in the top length from Made for Mermaids.  Isabel is a very flattering, true wrap dress/top.  The tie on the “cross under” side passes through a small opening and all the way around the back to meet the tie on the “cross over” side.  In stretch velvet, I think it makes a beautiful and cozy winter cardigan.  It was perfect to wear on New Year’s Eve, which was quite chilly here.


I think my husband and like it too.  At least, they both gave me FAR more hugs than I usually get when I was wearing it.  At one point my son was even rubbing his cheek on my sleeve, lol.

So I GUESS I’m ok with crushed velvet coming back after all.  Whatever.  At least I’m on top of the trends this time, right?

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get stuff when you use the link to make a purchase. Thanks for contributing to my sewing habit!


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