Toddler in a Maxi

So the thing about toddlers is that sometimes they grow absurdly fast.  It’s not fair that, at the same time you’re having to make peace with their rapidly departing babyhood, all of a sudden they’ve outgrown their clothes. This happened with my 18 month old daughter, who overnight decided that she needed to go ahead and move up to the next size of clothing even though Mama had virtually no winter clothing in that size.  While I can (I hope) keep squeezing her into her slightly too small playclothes for daycare until I have time to shop/sew, all of a sudden her church dresses were too short.  So I decide to make a new one for her.


Thankfully I still had this left over yard of double brushed polyester spandex from a flat rate Friday mystery box I purchased from Vinegar and Honey Company back in the summer.  I had been holding on to it because I wasn’t sure what to make it into.  It turned out to be perfect for a new, late-winter knit dress for baby girl!  For a pattern I chose a Joy dress in maxi length from Made for Mermaids.  At first, I cut a maxi length because it would give me plenty of fabric to adjust the length (take that, growth spurts!) but as I got going I decided to leave it as a maxi.  I was a little worried that I was out of my mind for putting a long dress on a toddler, but as soon as she put it on all those worries disappeared.  Baby girl LOVES it.

She immediately started dancing and prancing around like a little princess.  It didn’t even really slow her down from trying to run all over church building!  Usually, she wants out of her dress for Sunday evening, but she kept it on all day.  Double brushed poly is a very soft fabric (a certain well-known multi-level marketing clothing company uses it for their leggings), so I’m sure the dress is actually quite comfortable for her.  I love that (a) it didn’t really cost me anything since I had the fabric and the pattern and (b) when it gets warmer I can shorten the sleeves and the skirts and turn it into a spring dress!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get stuff when you use the link to make a purchase. Thanks for contributing to my sewing habit!

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